Online Banking

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Get to Know Us!

American Heritage Bank is very particular about who we do business with. We are looking for a specific customer that wants:

1. To be known by name and even voice when you call.

2. To know that you’re not just an account number but a unique individual with specific needs that we do our best to meet.

3. To walk in any time and talk to anyone you need to.

4. To do business with a hometown bank with all the online and mobile perks you need.

5. To be well taken care of by honest and friendly people.


A group of local investors started American Heritage Bank in 2000 for these very reasons. The vision was and still is a community bank where all the decisions are made locally. We live in a community and see you in the store, at church, or at events. This drives us to do the best we can for you with friendliness and integrity. We take banking personal!



Our Mission Statement

The mission of American Heritage Bank is to provide excellent customer and community support within the realm of safe and sound banking practices. The attainment of our mission will produce economic growth within our communities and a return of favorable value to our shareholders. The Bank will promote a pleasant and professional environment for the public to transact business. This environment will recognize and encourage the achievement of personal and professional goals of our employees and its customers. American Heritage Bank’s focus of mission and the traditional “American” values of honesty, truthfulness and teamwork are to be a reflection of our motto: “Partners in Progress.”




We have two locations to serve you.

The main office in Clovis, located at 3300 N. Prince Street, and our branch in Melrose, located at 400 East Denby. American Heritage Bank has a staff of 20 among both locations, and currently has approximately $126 million in assets. Come on by and see us today!

But most of all, we are thankful for you, our customers!