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Hardly Workin’


LATEST VIDEO: Episode 9 – St. Bernard Farms – Clovis, NM

What it is about:


Have you ever heard of the TV Show, Dirty Jobs?


To keep our #GoLocalSupportLocal going, that featured local businesses in 2020, we have started a new video series called, “Hardly Workin'”.

Once a month throughout 2021, American Heritage Bank will be showcasing a local business to give you the chance and opportunity to see how their local business works and operates.

Join Marissa, Colby, and the occasional “Special Guest”, as they try their best to work hard and get their hands dirty while working at local business.

Will they be Hired or Fired? Tune in and let us know if you think they should stay with their day jobs, or if they are actually hirable! 

2 Individuals standing in front of AHB


Get to know us:


Marissa at her desk


  • Current Position: Loan Administrator

  • Joined the bank: June 2020

  • College Attended: Texas Tech University

  • Favorite Hobbies: Piano, Golf

  • Something I hate the most: Mayo

  • Favorite Movie: Harry Potter Movies

  • Favorite Color: Purple



  • Current Position: IT Officer/Internal Auditor

  • Joined the bank: May 2017

  • College Attended: Texas Tech University

  • Favorite Hobbies: Skiing, Four-Wheeling

  • Something I hate the most: Snakes

  • Favorite Movie: James Bond Movies

  • Favorite Color: Blue


All Hardly Workin’ Videos:


Episode 1: Southern Sky Dairy

Episode 2: Sparkling Cleaners

Episode 3: Bill’s Auto Service, Inc.(Part 1)

Episode 3: Bills Auto Service, Inc. (Part 2)

Episode 4: K&S Landscaping

Episode 5: Lopez Plumbing

Episode 6: Red Arrow Entertainment

Episode 7: Brother’s Tire Service

Episode 8: My Metal

Episode 9: St. Bernard Farms


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“AHB Monthly Newsletter” 

We are excited to announce that we have launched the new “AHB Newsletter” to help keep our community and customers in the know about our new products and features, as well as provide tips and tricks to not only educate, but to keep you safe in all of your banking activities. 

We know that you get way too many emails, but we PROMISE to not send you too many emails, probably just once a month. 

Whether we are releasing a new product or service, or just wanting to keep in contact with our customers, our monthly newsletter will be both informational and hopefully a bit entertaining. 

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